Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching up

So we received our d.a.d in November had our first training after delivery in March and are awaiting our next training in August.

So do you want to know the answer to the question that gets asked of me all the time????
Does he work?

Well this is how I answer that to my friends, family and to the complete strangers that ask.
He is still in training! I know such a blanket statement. It covers if he doesn't work and well if he does.

From all that I have learned this is a process and while we don't get consistent alerts every now and then we get that one, that one alert that well... keeps me focused and  wanting more! (the I think this is an alert) We have busted our butts training this dog to not only alert but give us a trained alert and well ontop of the trained alert he needs to be the most behaved dog when we are out. I am striving for nothing but the best out of him and doing all that I need to do to make it happen.

In no way shape or form is this process easy. I have had my highs and lows with this dog the training and frankly with the organization. 


Monday, July 15, 2013

High expectations!

High expectations!

We started the journey of getting a d.a.d for Joey in March of 2012. We fundraised and fundraised and fundraised some more so we can cover the high price tag of this amazing animal that was coming home to us. This super pup that can potentially save my child's life! Those are the kind of high expectations I had on this little pup. He will save my sons life he will be able to tell me in the middle of the night if Joeys numbers are too high and too low and I can get some much needed sleep!! Who am I kidding I would never trust this dog in the middle of the night well at least not yet? Maybe in time?

 We took delivery of Sniper in November 2012. he was only a few months old. When we received him we also had 4 days of intense training. My expectations of this pup were still over the top even more so now that we had him in our home!!!!  I finally get to see super pup at work!  In my heart I believed this dog was going to come in my home and be some kind of alerting machine letting me know the highs and lows before they happen all the time and we would be so much better managing this d monster!  YES! I thought this pup would do his job like an adult dog from day 1 OK from minute 1!

We worked on obedience during our delivery and took Sniper to many different restaurants and businesses. He did amazing! He is so well behaved in public. He was then and still is now!  (he is better then most children in stores ;) )

 After our 4 days of training we had to say goodbye to our trainer and do this on our own! OMG I am now in charge of not only making sure my son is safe but add training a puppy to help make sure my son is safe on top of that! What did I get my family into is the question I asked myself nightly!

I did everything the trainer told me while she was in my home after she left. Gosh I didn't want to do something that would mess him up" undo his ability to alert. I didn't want to screw the dog up. 

Now High Expectations on myself to not screw this super pup up!

I am trying to write and catch up with present day and our life with Sniper think I can do it in a few posts :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sniper our d.a.d ♥

I cant begin to explain the love we have for this dog. He is Joeys Bestfriend! Before I speak of our journey having Sniper in our life I wanted to share some pictures of him :) 

This is the first picture we received of our boy!

This is Joey and Sniper day of delivery!

They have had a strong bond from day 1

Growing so big!

The nose knows!