Thursday, January 30, 2014

so far 2014 you suck!

I am going of topic of diabetes so far our d year has been ok... and yes I am Very Extremely  grateful.

Not sure I could handle a d issue on top of all the other issues right now.

I don't want this to be a poor me pity me post. Trying not to let it go there, trying hard, but we have fallen on some ridiculous difficult times.  I have had the most terrible anxiety. Or whatever this feeling is. Not sure what feeling comes with anxiety but sometimes most of the time in last week or so... I can barely breath, my heart races and my stomach is in knots. I have reminded myself to breath. The kind of kick in the gut feeling you got when you heard your child has been diagnosed with d. That's the feeling I have been having.
With that being said please, keep my family in your thoughts we can use all the prayers, well wishes, & positive vibes! 
Enough of the pity party....  I can sit in my shit and cry about it all I want, its not going to change the fact that I need to do something about the mess we have here...  
How about a update on the not so much a service dog.. service dog we have!
Some recent things I have seen happening with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers... Now they are withholding training if you haven't fundraised a certain amount of funds.  And yet they say they want to see their "families" succeed. BULLSHIT!  
Also to date we have no training scheduled and no one has contacted us. Are you surprised? Nope me either. But they have our money lots of it.
Currently we still have no alerts and doubt we will ever see one. There comes a time when you must accept the fact that its never going to work out the way the "Dream" was sold to you. I hate that my son will still try and say mom Sniper alerted even though I know he didn't. I hate that my son still wants this so bad he will do anything to believe its working.  This dog was supposed to make life better for him. Instead it made it more difficult.

Also with in the past few days some videos have been released on the facebook scam page. I tried listening to the 1st one posted couldn't do it heard that bastards voice and shut it off. Tried listening to the second one and just about puked my way through it. The third one, the last one they posted was taped conversation I was on. Talk about bringing up old wounds. After I listened I felt like the day we said enough is enough and told the truth about our experience. I felt like a shitbag for hurting true friends and believing that slimeball over the truth. I wanted to cry..

Here is the link again to the scam page if interested in listening!/  You will here Dan Warren talk about how not all dogs are scent trained and how some families are given the option to send scent in but not all. You will hear all the lies. 
Sniper with his boy!
What If... he alerted
If only... we got what we purchased
What if... the organization was not a SCAM
What if.. the information and resource available now
were available when we looked into a d.a.d
If only... I can stop more families from this nightmare. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Endo Visit

This has been sitting in draft for a month. Guess its time to publish about our last endo visit.

Did you ever hear reference to the curse of the endo visit? Well I am here to tell you its real!!! Wow talk about the week before our appt. The wonky numbers! We had highs,highs and more highs!!! 

A1c-down from last visit!
Score one for us!

I also inquired about a cgm.  She noted his record we spoke about it and will decide at our next visit if we for sure want to pursue one. My thoughts on the cgm... I was always; I wouldn't say against a cgm but I was against another site.  Now I am looking forward to learning more about one and eventually trying it.

I think at every visit we have been to since diagnosis we do some kind of tweaking. This time we changed target range to a much tighter one 80-130.
We do lots of correcting seems hard to stay so tight for an active 9 year old boy!

ohh and one last thing we are switching to the Contour Next meter.  I like the meter so far but I hate dislike the case it comes with!

ok one more one last thing..  I am so sick of the report card reference when his endo said you get a B+ but we want a A+ I almost puked!