Friday, December 6, 2013

3 Year Diaversary

3years! wow!   3 years today we were in an emergency room hearing  “your son has diabetes.”   I thought how are we going to do this. How am I going to learn all this and keep my son safe. How? Why? How? Why? 
A short brief blip on diaversary#3

We have come so far. To this day I learn something new all the time;  Like how to finally bolus correctly for that pizza! Or how to bring up that low but not go overboard because I'm scared and just start forcing carbs regardless of the rebound high I know will happen. Or how to just let go and learn being a kid comes first and diabetes second. Let him have fun at the school Christmas party you can always fix that high later.
Its a crazy coincidence how much I hated math in school and 24-7 our day revolves around numbers. 
We have a new normal in our house and that's OK! btw- what is normal anyway?
Not only do Tom and I count carbs and do the reminders to check and pump, but his awesome sisters and brother have learned and helped so much. I hear my older daughter say "Mom Joey needs to check he's high" they know, the signs of wonky numbers. Or another great example..  my son comes downstairs and and says "Mom Joey is sweating I think he's low". Blessed beyond blessed that they know and are looking out for their brother!
Although this disease sucks and we hope for a cure daily, we have met some amazing friends along the way.. friends that “get it”  Love you all so much!!!
Joey has been so strong, dealing with this like a champ. Not letting d stop him from anything. I am so proud of him!