Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I never thought I would say I got scammed.


SDWR was an organization I stood behind and defended.  Dan Warren could do no wrong! I drank the Kool-aid he handed out. I felt like I belonged to something big! A great organization that was just in the beginning stages of being SUPER!  I believed all Dan Warren's lies! 

I have hoped and made every effort for Sniper to do what we originally purchased(fund raised) him to do.

He is not. As of today Sniper doesn't alert and seems to have no interest at all in alerting. My family is heartbroken. All the fundraising we did. Our community that stepped up to help us. The complete strangers and  new friends we made along this journey. We feel terrible and apologize.

We believed this man we believed he was going to help us and we would ultimately have a d.a.d (diabetic alert dog) .

Our journey with this organization has always seemed to be filled with drama.  Before we got Sniper another family came forward and the first bad newspaper article appeared. I didn't believe it and defended Dan Warren through it all. Now I apologize to the McLeod family. I am sorry! If I would have just seen through the Warren Retriever fog....    You can read that article here. http://theexaminer.com/stories/news/guardian-angel-owner-far-angelic 

Then a facebook scam page came up and they posted horrible things about the organization and Dan Warren. I couldn't believe these things. I thought to myself, why would these people make up such lies. I wasn't ready to believe it. Every one else was lying but not Dan.  Eventually the page was taken down by the admins. because an agreement was reached. Well, again Dan doesn't hold up his end of that agreement and here we are today with a new scam page. You can read and follow that page by clicking  here https://www.facebook.com/#!/stopthelies.now   

The most recent antics that this organization is trying to do is pay families to blog for him. Blog good things and he will pay for google advertising. A link to that screen shot can be found over at this blog!  Check it out!  http://www.itsnotmyworkout.com/2013/10/tainted-blog-reviews-warning-to-my.html#more    I guess thats what got my fire burning to tell our story and what is happening to our family

We wont shut up! I will not be quite about our experience and what is going on with this organization. The truth needs to be told by all families this organization has hurt.  We need it to be out there and heard so no one else has to go through this.

As for Sniper...   Our family loves him either way ♥


Unknown said...

You have support. It is not easy coming forward, and you may get lawyers on you. Very brave.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jen!!! ♥

Joanne said...

Sorry to hear this... I have heard so many stories about how this guy has duped families out of their money. And so many people are afraid to speak up because this guy sics his lawyers on you. People that take advantage this way are the lowest of the low. Good luck... I hope he gets what is coming to him.