Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let's Talk About Camp!

Diabetes Camp!

We were newbies into the d camp world and for a few years I kept putting it off saying Joey wasn't ready well this year he was ready and didn't refrain from voicing his thoughts on how much he wanted to go.

I started the camp process a little later than the average d momma. I got all the forms in May and kept putting them off till June when I knew these forms had to be in or he wouldn't be able to go. Filled out all the forms, health questions that I could, got our Dr. form filled out and everything off in the mail to Camp Setebaid. 

Once I mailed all the forms in I waited for the email to tell me they still had spots available and he was in. Once I got that I then put camp out of my mind until the week before.  Its now the week of August 4th and camp drop off date is August 10th. We gather the "things you need to bring to camp" list and make the shopping trip and declare success as we cross things off  flashlight-check extra batteries-check shamp00-check soap-check towels-check  etc etc.. 

Saturday I started packing for a week of camp. In the camper packet they give you luggage ties but only 3! 3 bags! Yikes! how the heck is all this stuff gonna fit? Somehow, someway, I stuffed those bags and we made it work. I wanted to pack the car so we can just leave on Sunday. I am overly making sure everything is going smooth because both Joey and myself are nervous I can tell he is by all the questions he has. "Mom do you have my socks packed? Mom did you pack my extra shoes, Mom did we pack a jacket Mom did ya pack.."

Its Sunday and we are off! Check in time is 1 and its a 2 hour drive.

We arrive safely and a little early, phew so far everything is going great!

We unload the car and head for the line to check-in but first we get to go with group 1 on a tour of camp.  Joey is smiling and listening attentively as the tour guide is telling everyone about camp what he will be doing and where. As the tour raps up we now officially get to check in.

We do all the check-in stuff sign a few more papers, see a nurse, a doctor, hand over pump supplies, and meet with a nutritionist. They then send us off to his cabin to help him get settled. This is where we have to say goodbye.

So far I did great no tears, staying strong, and holding it together.

I help him make his bunk. Pull out a few things from his bags like bug spray, flashlight, and his camera. Meet his cabin counselors take a few pictures and mom and dad are off with a few hugs, kisses and well wishes to have a great time!

I did it!! No tears! ♥

Now comes the easy part you would think right? 1 week free from checks, site changes, carb counting, sleepless nights. Nope! It was not as easy as it sounds and I was very on edge all week some might even have called me a bitch! I didn't enjoy it my worries now are is he having a good time did he make friends, is he sleeping..now mind you I didn't worry about his d care because I knew they got that, it was all worries about his social experience at camp.

and so I stalked the camp Facebook page and came across this..

He does not look like he is liking it or having a good time at all. Insert mega worry!

I look for more pictures everyday some sign that he is having a good time and I am left with nothing.  I didn't get any phone calls so all has got to be good!?! Or so I hoped and that's what I told my self all week.

It's finally here! Pick-up day..

We have to be there at 9am. We leave early get there with plenty of time to spare. They usher all the parents to a pavilion and we wait for the campers to arrive. Have a closing ceremony and hear about all the great things they did and learned. 

waiting waiting waiting.... Wootothefreakinghoo I see him!!! AND he is smiling!!! I breath a huge sigh of relief get a gigantic hug, he runs back to sit with his friends and sing us camp songs! 


1/2 way through the closing ceremony his counselor handed him a paper that he immediately ran over to us.

 Super proud mom and dad moment!

Half of the ride home we got to hear how awesome camp was all the great things he did and how he cant wait to go back next year! The other 1/2 way he slept.

Camp success for us newbie campers! 

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