Friday, August 1, 2014

August Suprise me... but make it good

I can't believe it's August already!
Joey is leaving for Washington DC on Saturday he is going with my parents and they are staying until  Wednesday! Yes, that's right Wednesday! I am filled with nervous emotion and also excitement for him. I am full of  appreciation and gratitude that my parents didn't exclude him from the tradition of taking each grand kid to Washington when they turn 10.  I'm in a few parents of type1 d children groups on facebook and this isn't the norm unfortunately most children with diabetes are excluded from many sleepovers, school activities, and camps.

So today I made a list of things for my parents, I know Joey will be leading the way for them these next few days.
  •  Just normal checks in the morning at night and before eating, and of course if he feel he needs to.
  • Making sure I have step by step instructions on how to do a site change ( this one makes me nervous and I hope Joey will be ok trusting his Poppy to do this) So far he says he does.
  • We recently had a miraculous discovery that Joey feels his lows not only during the day but in the middle of the night. Hallelujah!!! This alone makes me feel more ok with this whole adventure for him.
  • Pack the calorie king book and smarties, fruit snacks, and juice boxes. Along with lots of extra supplies!
What I don't want to do is overload my parents or Joey with information and things to do that will make everyone worry. Just leaving the worries up to me. As long as they do checks count some carbs and give some insulin all should go fine.

He will have his cell and probably get sick of my calls and texts but oh well!

This all  ought to go unhitched and he will be back Wednesday night to leave for d camp on Sunday!! Another first for us.

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