Monday, January 13, 2014

Endo Visit

This has been sitting in draft for a month. Guess its time to publish about our last endo visit.

Did you ever hear reference to the curse of the endo visit? Well I am here to tell you its real!!! Wow talk about the week before our appt. The wonky numbers! We had highs,highs and more highs!!! 

A1c-down from last visit!
Score one for us!

I also inquired about a cgm.  She noted his record we spoke about it and will decide at our next visit if we for sure want to pursue one. My thoughts on the cgm... I was always; I wouldn't say against a cgm but I was against another site.  Now I am looking forward to learning more about one and eventually trying it.

I think at every visit we have been to since diagnosis we do some kind of tweaking. This time we changed target range to a much tighter one 80-130.
We do lots of correcting seems hard to stay so tight for an active 9 year old boy!

ohh and one last thing we are switching to the Contour Next meter.  I like the meter so far but I hate dislike the case it comes with!

ok one more one last thing..  I am so sick of the report card reference when his endo said you get a B+ but we want a A+ I almost puked!

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Julie Laseter said...

OMG I can't believe the endo gave you a "grade"! I think that's awful!! How about I give him a D- for his bedside manner!!