Thursday, April 3, 2014


I recently posted in my diabetes online support group about an incident that happen to me at work, and wanted to share it here.  If people would only think before they speak. Regardless of your age. Age is a sad excuse for the elderly. Its not ok to spew crap because you think you have been through it all and know it all!

 Here it is-  I Just had my first ever I want to smack the heck out of you and I don't care if I am at work moment.

 client says- I am excited the VA approved me for more money and better benefits because I have ptsd
I in return say- well that's good but sorry for your added diagnosis
Client says- yea I will be the first person you ever hear say this. I want diabetes I would get more money and even better benefits.
I say- well Sir my son would be glad to give you his the needles the insulin the finger pokes the highs lows carb counting and everything else. You can have it.

He did apologize- but it wasn't a true apology he didn't care about my son or type 1 diabetes. He just wants better health care and more money.

After this I think I breathed fire and needed to just walk away from my desk for awhile and take deep breaths.

How dare someone wish this disease on themselves. I know the majority of all people are not educated enough on type 1 diabetes.  Is someone like this even willing to be educated? My thought is no, he was an arrogant ass who was old, loud, and knew it all.

In the end, I still wouldn't wish him to ever get diabetes, but I do hope that maybe next time he will think before he speaks about a disease he clearly knows little about. 

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